The main sandboard competitions that dominate the Sand Board world and pro-circuit that are formally organised by a body, government or private sponsor are:

Monte Kaolino

World Championships Germany.
Monte Kaolino. June 13th - 16th
Sponsored by MTV and Corona

Monte Kaolino

Sand Master Jam

Sand Master Park Oregon USA, June 24th.
Sponsor Themselves.

Second All Japan Sandboard Big Air

Tottori Sand Dune, Tottori Japan, August 26th Preliminaries, 27th Finals. Sponsored by Meiji Foods and Suzuki



Suda American Sandboard Cup

Paradise Park, Paradise Dune, Ica, Peru, November
(Date to be announced)

About the Competition

These competitions are certified and professioanlly run and include prizes and trophies and A LOT of spectators. They have already been successful and can be guaranteed to provide the same experience from year to year.

Future competitions that are in the development stages right now are the Hugo Boss Dubai Pro/Am (cancelled last year), we'll see how it goes before including it in our official list and The Australian Sandboard Championships still undergoing sponsorship collection and council approvals.

A little about the World Championships, THE major sandboard event of the World.

The popularity of sandboarding around the world is on the rise and with this rise comes an increasing scale for the competitions around the world. This year in June, the worldwide competition "World Sandboard Championship in Germany" was held in well....Germany. For the 8th consecutive year, the World Sandboard Championships were held at Monte Kaolino, Germany and drew an estimated crowd of attendance 50,000. Monte Kaolino boasts an enormous dune, which was formed from the displaced sand from previous years of mining operations. It also features a lift, swimming pool and restaurants making it a central place for recreation in Monte Kaolino. The sandboarding competitions included slalom and boarder cross over three days. The boarder cross course featured two huge jumps, three rolling bumps, a bunch of hairpin turns and a water pool. Approximately 200 competitors from all over the world (including most countries in the EU, South Africa, U.S.A., Brazil, Peru and Australia) took part in the competition, a definite sign that the popularity of sandboarding around the world is on the rise.
The results of the competition are below:

Giant Slalom:
Men痴 Competition
1. Dieter Moherndl
2. Bernd Flel
3. Tom Miller
4. Markus Ebner

Boarder Cross:
Men's Competition
1. Philipp Markthaler
2. Markus Bauer
3. Markus Ebner
4. Franz Reicheneder

Pretty much all the tricks and aerials that have made snowboarding so popular as an X-games sport are now being performed on sand at this annual competition. The bar is being raised every year so expect to see the popularity of sandboarding continue its expansion as a worldwide sport.

Also a pic of the Stage from The Japan Championships last year. The people pictured are the judges from the Japan Snowboard Association who also judge the All Japan Snowboard Championships. As you can see the level of competition and judging is second to none in the world. Often times these judges are more likely to judge Olympic Snowboard Athletes.

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