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2-8-17 Shinjuku SY Bldg. 9F, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Tel : 03 6912-1677
Fax : 03 6912-1678

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Subway: Tokyo Metro Maronouchi Line [ Shinjuku Gyouenmae Station ]
take Exit 1, a minute on foot from the station.

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Current Members - Positions and Riding Style.

Christopher Green

Christopher J. Green
Founder and President
Spins and flips whereever possible.

Paul Green

Paul C J Green
Founder and Manager, Head Instructor
Known for going HUGE off anything

Promotional Events to Date

Trade Shows:
Air Fly Indoor Snowboard Event 2002
Interstyle Board Sports Event 2004

Government Sponsored Events:
Tottori Sand Dune Sandboard Trials July 2004
Tottori Sand Dune Sandboard Trials August 2004
Tottori Sand Dune Sandboard Big Air Competition May 2005
Tottori Sand Dune Sandboard Trials July 2005
Tottori Sand Dune Sandboard Trials August 2005
Tottori Sand Dune Sandboard Trials May 2006
Tottori Sand Dune Sandboard Trials July 2006
Tottori Sand Dune Sandboard Big Air Competition August 2006

Promotional Magazine Articles and Advertisings:
Free and Easy
Snow Boarder
Transworld Snowboarding Japan
Outdoor Japan
PC Fan
@Sports Free paper
Orange Pages (Orenji Pe-ji)
R25 Free Magazine
Sedan Meister
Click here for an updated list of our print ads, media and promotions (Link will be up shortly).

TV spots, information shorts and sandboard adventure chronicles:
NHK - Chiba
NHK - Tottori
TV Tokyo
TV Asahi - Mezamashi Terebi
Cable TV - Tottori Shimane
Nihonkai TV - Competition 30 minute Special.

Countless self-produced sandboarding instruction and adventure clips Click here to view the videos we have in our library (Link will be up shortly).

Sandboarding Competitions: First Annual Tottori Big Air Sandboard Competition August 2005 Tottori Big Air Sandboard Competition August 2006

To promote sandboarding and not to mention, pay the bills, Sandsports Japan offers great prices on sandboard rentals, sandboard purchases and sandboarding gear. Click here to check out our rental page. Click here to browse through our super easy online shop. Our current selection of sandboards for rental or purchase are all 100% Australian made and imported. Due largely to the promotional activities of Sand Sports Japan and thanks to Chris' relentless hunt for the perfect sandboarding conditions in Japan, sandboarding has gone from an unknown to a steadily growing sport in Japan. Click here to check out our inclusive list of dunes in Japan (Link will be up shortly). With more government sponsored events and the expansion of sandboarding worldwide, Sand Sports Japan looks forward to the years ahead as sandboarding moves away from the fray and into the mainstream of extreme sports here and worldwide.

History, Members. Sand Sports Japan was established in June of 2001. The founder of Sand Sports Japan, Christopher John Green, had already been sandboarding throughout Japan since 1995. Chris, originally from Western Australia, operated a successful sandboarding company called "Dune Sandboards" in Australia for three years paying for his tuition for a Bachelor of Science. Paul Green has been on board (literally and figuratively) since the beginning as a team-rider, instructor and all around hard-core boarder enthusiast, shaper and designer. Matt Van Niekerk joined the Sandboard team by matter of enthusiasm and an uncanny drive to go sandboarding. From that position he became a full time member and received the first certified instructor status by instructing groups on Tottori dunes for two years. The fourth and currently final member is Lumi Ozaki. While initially being employed at the Sand Sports mother company's office Lumi was literally a driving force in the promotion of Sand Sports Japan. Her PR efforts include, Magazine shoots, Cable TV promotion and Government assembly liaisons.

Former Members

The following members were integral for the promotion of sandboarding during their stay at the company. Thank you.

Matt Van Niekerk

Matt Van Niekerk
Manager/Accounts and Instructor
Matt was first to land a kick 180 Olly on a sandboard and hence gained naming rights to the Van Kick Flip. Without your feet in the straps slide down and then kick the board around 180 degress while jumping, now land on the board and ride away. Your feet will still not be in the bindings so your landing must be very balanced. Takes a lot of practice but awesome to watch.

Lumi Ozaki

Lumi Ozaki
PR, Support Staff
Tottori Sandboard Competition Representative Member for SSJ.

Finally there are two former FOUNDING members of Sand Sports Japan that can not go without mention.


Miss Takahashi
(from Chiba)
from 1994 to 2000

Yukizawa Emi

Miss Yukizawa Emi (Not her real name)
(from Saitama)
from 2001 to 2005

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